Live Music

Live Music

What could be better than a great DJ at your party? A great DJ accompanied by great musicians! Add a live musical element to your night with a Percussionist or Saxophone player, or better yet both! Just when you thought the energy level couldn’t go any higher our Percussionists and Sax players will really get the crowd pumped as they play along with your favorite songs! With drums driving the beat, and saxophone adding some smooth sounds to your night, the music at your party will be even more exciting while also bringing more entertainment to your guests. We can also add vocalists, violinists, Stomp performers or even a small band for your cocktail hour.

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About Classie Sounds

Classie Sounds Entertainment has been bringing quality events to our clients for over two decades. Located in Brooklyn, New York, the company serves the tri-state area and beyond. Founded by owner Anthony Marcelli in the early 80's, Classie Sounds has always had a passion for bringing the right music and entertainment to your event, as well as creating the perfect mood and atmosphere for your guests.

Classie Sounds Commitment

From our inception, we have strives to provide a unique and innovative customized event for our clients. Whether you require an elegant backdrop for a social dinner, personalized attention for the wedding you have always dreamed of or a full-scale theatrical production for a product launch. We handle each client individually, with the understanding that every event must be tailored to our client's personality and overall concepts.

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