Veronica Rueles & Gary Giglio Wedding

Summer Wedding Reception

Classie Sounds Entertainment Premium Events
The Loeb Central Park Boathouse


Early January 2018, I received a call and was introduced to Jase Cannon. Jase was the event coordinator for the wedding reception of Vero Ruelles and Gary Giglio. Jase told me that I had DJ’d Vero sister’s wedding 7 years ago and would love to interview me for her wedding to be held on July 13 at the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park.

I was aware of their busy schedule, rather then have them me at my office in Brooklyn I offered to meet them in a Soho Cafe’. Within minutes of our meeting I knew that Vero and Gary were looking for a sophisticated/Elegant atmosphere with a great dance party. We discussed some great idea’s and had a follow up meeting at the Boat House. The on site meeting allow me to give a more visible & realistic view. We were on our way to creating a great party.

The music list would consist of top 40 dance, Paladium House and Traditional Latin Salsa. I suggested combining the DJ with Live Musicians. A 3 piece horn section consisting of Sax, Trumpet and Trombone and Latin Percussionist playing along with the recorded songs played by the DJ would be appreciated by all the guests. The proper balance of Lighting design to accompany the music was essential. Vero’s was concerned that the lighting could possibly take away from the elegance she wanted to achieve. I assured her that I understood her vision and with my experience in lighting design that it would be possible to create the proper balance.


The wedding began with a beautiful ceremony accompanied by Violinist, Cellist and Harpist as Vero walked down the aisle. The Reception soon followed. Our plan was successful! The guests danced along with the Bride and Groom to a great song list mixed perfectly by the DJ along with the accents of the live musicians. It truly was a memorable evening.

Testimonial From Veronica Rueles and Gary Giglio

Where do we begin to express our deepest gratitude? I know it was a tall order telling you that the music was THE MOST important element of our wedding, even more so then the food. You truly delivered, you went beyond expectations, the night was one big party!

Thank you for taking all the meetings, phone calls and emails. Your team from production to the musicians were all top notch. You helped create so many special magical moments!

We knew right away who we wanted to book for our wedding. Classie Sounds!  Music was the most important element for our special day, even more than the food. We love to dance and we wanted an EPIC party for everyone to enjoy and remember.

From our very first meeting, we knew we had our guy. Not only did he understand our music genres, he also knew all about the power of lighting a room and the importance of aesthetics.  We had a couple of meetings curating the music for each moment and transition, from pre-ceremony, to cocktail hour, to dinner, to even a surprise performance. One of many special features Anthony offers is live musicians playing along with our selected music.

Our guests have since told us that this was the best music they every experienced at any event let alone a wedding. Anthony and his crew truly helped make our reception legendary!  He even helped us find the gorgeously costumed angel fairies and disco ball dancer that entertained our guests throughout the night. And Classie Sounds is a master at Lighting Production!

We were so pleased with our wedding that we plan on booking Classie Sounds for all our future events!




Saturday July 13, 2018


Loeb Boathouse at Central Park
New York, NY


During the Ceremony:
1 Harpist, 1 Cellist, 1 Violinist

For the Reception:
DJ/MC Provided the main music playlist and was highlighted and accompanied by Live Musicians

Live Musicians:
1 Percussionist and a 3 piece Horn section consisting of Saxophonist, Trumpet and Trombone Player.


Production Lighting was positioned throughout the ballroom to allow for even coverage of elegant decor lighting and night club energetic lighting.


We also referred the clients to a dance troop that can provide 3 dancers in fairy costumes to dance with their guests throughout the evening

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